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In vitro culture services and protocols as support tools for plant breeders


Services to identify the differentiating genetic characteristics of a specimen, through its genetic markers


Diagnoses of diseases in plants and development of solutions for their control


Computer technologies combined with statistical techniques for the management and analysis of large volumes of biological data

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Prebreeding, in vitro culture, genotyping, phytopathology and bioinformatics services.

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The use of in vitro culture techniques in plant breeding activities is a valuable tool for plant breeders.

In Seeds4i we democratize and make R&D accessible through our personalized services that, through a research plan by execution phases, allow us to develop and adjust protocols tailored to the specific commercial interests with which companies want to stand out in the markets with exclusive plant species and genotypes.

These services include: (i) production of double haploids and (ii) polyploids, (iii) vegetative micropropagation, and (iv) generation of variability from mutagenesis techniques.

Examining each gene in each individual to obtain complete information on the genetic variation of a species, is a very complex and expensive task, which constitutes a barrier for many companies dedicated to plant breeding. However, from Seeds4i, we offer other techniques that allow us to study a representative part of the genome of an organism, characterize its genotype and compare it with that of other subjects using different genetic markers.

With our genotyping services, therefore, plant breeders will be able to identify the differentiating genetic characteristics of a specimen, through its genetic markers, with which it can be singled out from the rest of individuals of the same species. Among these services we can highlight: (i) the analysis of molecular markers, (ii) the development of test of varietal purity or resistance, (iii) confirmation reports of authenticity of products, and (iv) labeling of varieties by hybrid code .

This field of knowledge is dedicated to the diagnosis of plant diseases and the development of solutions for their control. It covers both the study of infectious agents that attack plants such as abiotic disorders or physiological diseases that they can suffer. It is estimated that around ten percent of food production is lost worldwide due to plant diseases.

Among the services that Seeds4i offers in this area are: (i) the evaluation of resistance to viruses, bacteria and fungi in plant material, (ii) analysis to establish correlations between genotype and phenotype in the pathologies of a population, and (iii) method designs to detect viable (active) viral particles in host plants.

Bioinformatics consists in the application of computational technologies in combination with statistical techniques for the management and analysis of large volumes of biological data, so that the knowledge that these data contain can be extracted.

With Seeds4i bioinformatics services, plant breeding companies will have information from: (i) mass genotyping, using new generation sequencing technologies (NGS), for the development of genetic maps aimed at the (ii) search for new molecular markers, and (iii) to conduct synteny studies.

Plant improvement is the art and science of changing plant genetics for the benefit of mankind’

Sleper and Poehlman, 1995


We are a group of scientists and entrepreneurs, who work to build a safer, sustainable and healthier agriculture; as a more promising future for our planet.

Our goal is to be a reference laboratory for the plant breeding sector, through the provision of prebreeding, genotyping and phytopathological analysis services.

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We have a multidisciplinary team, with proven experience both in the different fields of genetics and plant biology, plant breeding, and agronomy; as in the world of entrepreneurship, the conceptualization and execution of R & D & I projects, and the development of international business.

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Seeds4i, through its four operating units: In Vitro Crops, Plant Genotyping, Plant Phytopathology and Bioinformatics; addresses precise control of plant biological systems to offer alternatives to the agricultural industry, so that it can respond to the challenge of addressing the needs of feeding the growing populations of humans and animals, in a more efficient and sustainable way in a Climate change environment.

’’Pre-breeding is a set of improvement activities that is not directly linked to obtaining a commercial product. It allows to obtain a material that, by its characteristics, serves as a provider of genes’

Marta Gutiérrez y Julio A. Penna, 2004

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